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A Beautiful Website Can Make or Break Your Project

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Most of the time, your website will be that first impression. With how quickly the graphic design landscape is changing these days, websites can grow stale within a year. If you website is not up to date with state of the art designs, your customers will question the legitimacy of your company.

Clarion Inbound Marketing’s web design team has years of experience working on all aspects of creating websites for every type of device. We are able to freshen up your current website to make it more search engine friendly as well as give it a more cutting edge appearance. We are also able to build your new website from the ground up creating designs from scratch.

Improving conversion rates and increasing search traffic to our clients’ sites are what we do best. The key to great conversions is in our ability to produce quality, progressive web designs.

We Keep User Experience in Mind Every Step of the Way

Desktop computers are no longer the standard device from which your customers will be viewing your web content. We recognize this and create versatile web content that will communicate your message effectively across smartphones, tablets, PCs and any other devices that may come along. We do this by first identifying your requirements and goals for your website. From there, we work closely with you to ensure the site meets the objectives.

If a user has an unpleasant experience trying to access your site, you are unlikely to see them again. That is why we keep the user in mind as we design the site. We believe websites should be intuitive for users to navigate, and the content should be easy to access and to read. This means making your website viewable no matter how users may access it. This will ensure your website remain viable for years to come.

Ahead of the Curve Graphic Design

Clarion’s web design team knows that the key to building an attractive website and increasing your conversion rate is having the latest graphic design. That is why we keep up to date on all of the most recent changes in the industry. We work with our clients to make sure they are comfortable with the designs. We believe that if a particularly progressive design happens to be unappealing to our client, then we will go back to the drawing board. After all, this is the face of your company: we want you to be happy with it.

Simple Enough for Anyone to Update

There are few things that turn potential customers off more than a website lacking fresh content. When you want to add new content to your website, you do not want to have to wait for someone with the know how to do it for you. You want to be able to get that content up there quickly when it is most relevant. Clarion Inbound Marketing recognizes this need.

Our web design team uses the latest open source technology with easy to use and understand user interfaces. Once we present the finished product to you and you are happy with it, we make sure that you have a proper understanding of how you can add new content on your own. And, if you have trouble at any time or have questions, we are available to walk you through the process.

E-commerce Solutions

Eight percent of all retail sales are conducted online, and that number is expected to continue to grow exponentially in the coming years. That means your company needs to have its products online if it hopes to cash in on the online sales. Clarion Inbound Marketing knows what it takes to get your product in front of internet consumers.

You can count on our web development team to help you create a virtual storefront that appeals to customers. We have experience working with a variety of different ecommerce platforms and can work with your current platform or help you get started using a new platform of your choice or based on our recommendation. We are flexible like that.

The Answer Is Clear

As you can see, Clarion Inbound Marketing has the experience needed to work with you to create a website for your company that pops. Our web designs will help you convert customers and keep them engaged. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can fulfill your specific web development needs.