How To Start a New Facebook Page in 2014

A new Facebook page gives any business an online persona – a necessity in the digital age. There’s no reason to skip a Facebook page because you’re unsure of how to build the best profile. With the right tools and our guide, you will master creating a new Facebook page in 2014 that will wow clients and fans.

A good Facebook page hits on all of the key points of your business without coming off as an ad. Remember the Facebook page is likely one of the first things a person will find when they look for your business online. Any services or products offered should be highlighted without screaming ad campaign. Social media is a subtle, smart way to interact with your audience. The goal is to keep fans engaged, while keeping them abreast of new information, services and products about the company. This makes it easy for potential customers to learn more about your company and contact you if needed.

  1. Upload cover photo. The first thing needed for any Facebook page is a cover photo. Keep in mind this photo should convey your company in a positive light and set the tone for the Facebook page. There are a few rules for Facebook cover photos. This includes never encouraging others to post your cover photo and cover photos cannot mislead in any manner. Also keep in mind all Facebook cover photos are public. Make sure the cover photo is high quality and properly represents your brand.
  2. Upload a profile picture. The profile picture shows up in the newsfeed of others and when you make comments on any other Facebook pages or updates on your own page. Because the picture appears in the newsfeed of followers, this is where you need to make sure the picture looks good. Ultimately, your profile picture is more important than the cover photo because it is what people will see most often.
  3. Fill out basic information. Fill out this area so it is complete, but refrain from packing in the keywords. As a business owner, it can be tempting to throw in plenty of SEO thinking it will make your page easier to find. However, when interested parties arrive at your page, you don’t want them to feel bombarded. Also remember to keep it short. The description box shouldn’t exceed 100 words.
  4. Add a company milestone. Use Facebook Milestones to add any and all milestones for your company – large and small. Remember that social media gives a behind-the-scenes peek to fans. Showing off what your company has done offers some of this intel that also gives them the scoop on big things happening. A few ideas for milestones? Hitting any big round number of Facebook followers (5K, 10K, etc.), key milestones for the business such as new products or services available.
  5. Make your first status update. Your first status update counts because it’s the first thing the first wave of followers will see. Before you start promoting your Facebook page or inviting fans, be sure to make that first status update.
  6. Make use of Facebook page apps. Facebook apps not only dress up the page, but also give you the ability to display things like contests and Instagram photos in a concise way. Some claim that Facebook apps aren’t necessary since they are not visible for mobile users. Facebook apps do streamline the process for the community manager. One app every page should have is the email app that gathers visitors email addresses which can be utilized by the company down the road. Hosting contests is one of the best apps a page can have because it makes it simple to manage entries and choose a winner. There are many app providers and most are free. Some of our favorites include: Heyo, Tabsite, WooBox and ShortStack.
  7. Change the page app thumbnails. Now that you have Facebook apps on your page, consider changing the app thumbnails. This makes the images consistent with your branding. Some apps provide a default image, but updating the image can create a more cohesive look for your Facebook page.
  8. Add your company’s URL to your About section. Add this link to your page because it will drive traffic to your Facebook page. Add the URL to the Short Description section. Place the URL towards the beginning of the content so it is one of the first thing people see when they visit the page.
  9. Change page app names. Now the apps are functional for your page and look great, so it’s time to change the page app names. Implement a catchy name that will draw the reader in and prompt them to click the app. Be sure to use a call to action to entice readers to click.  Ideas for call to action include “Click here!,” “Enter now to win!,” or “Check it out!”
  10. Like other pages with your new Facebook page. Now that the page is prepped and ready to go, get out there and get social! Like other pages to give yourself leverage and comment to get the conversation going. Your page can also have its own newsfeed which will show people what you’re up to, including what pages you like.

A Facebook page is a must for any business. All businesses have a digital aspect these days and a new Facebook page is a great way to revamp your business and where it’s headed. The Facebook page also gives your clients and followers an idea of what your business is about.

Following the checklist as illustrated above walks you through building the ultimate Facebook page. Community managers or small business owners can implement the top 10 points of creating the best Facebook page so it works for their business. Many people have a business Facebook page, but the goal is to keep people engaged. Social media focuses on the connection a business has with customers and fans. This list hits all of the most important factors of building the best Facebook page for 2014.